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What age is appropriate for a nerf wars party?

We suggest players being at least 5 years old. Some nerf guns are more suitable for kids that are 9+.

Will people get hurt in a nerf war?

We provide eye protection for this reason. Nerf bullets are light and foam so the chance of getting hurt is unlikely

Is it our job to secure a location for our nerf party?

Yes, it’s your responsibility to secure a location. The more space the better

Are there milage fees for nerf wars party?

We only apply a milage fee if you are outside of 20 miles from our home base. (28278 Charlotte, NC) if you are over the 20 mile radius the extra cost would be $2 per mile.

Will a host stay with our nerf party?

This depends on the style party you choose. If you get a level two or three party we will provide a host that stays with the party and helps guide the players

Can we add any other activities to the party?

Absolutely we have add-ons that you can add. We recommend karaoke or lawn games.

Can we bring our own eyewear?

Yes! All participates MUST wear eye protection at all times while playing. We provide eye protection with all of packages.

How much space would you recommend for a nerf party?

This will depend on the amount of players you have. If you have between 10-16 players we recommend having a space as big as a basketball court. The more players the more space you would need. This can be a indoor or outdoor event.

Are these any additional fees?

You can always upgrade any package or add-ons

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We are happy to help create a unique party experience.

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